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For Special Educational Needs (SEN)

VR has huge potential to benefit students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). We’ve visited a number of special schools across the UK with our workshops and the response has been fantastic. We’ve delivered to pupils as young as 7 years old all the way up to post-16. Students with a range of needs have thoroughly enjoyed their experience, ranging from pupils with autism to those who have a physical impairment. With our workshops being fully mobile, we can deliver a range of workshops on school-site to ensure that students feel comfortable in a familiar and well-known environment. If you have any questions about our VR workshops or you would like to discuss some of your students’ particular needs, please submit an enquiry below and a member of our team will be in touch.


Using VR to

Support Autism

Virtual reality is being embraced by the autistic community as a tool to help students better communicate, practise and connect with others in society. Not only this but the technology is also being used to educate people without autism on what it is like to live with the condition. One of VR’s main use cases for autism is the ability to create virtual environments and prepare individuals for encounters or situations which might be deemed as stressful.


World of Possibilities

Many students with physical disabilities are unable to travel and experience activities that many people take for granted. VR opens up a world of possibilities and allows students to feel as if they are swimming with turtles, blasting off into space or travelling back in time to experience an ancient world. Our ‘Around the World’ workshop offers students the opportunity to choose different countries and famous landmarks that they would like to go and see.



Tailored Learning

VR can be used in a variety of settings to replicate specific training and learning opportunities. Students can practise crossing the road, paying for shopping and even present in front of a large group without the same level of pressure or possibility of judgement. VR experiences can also be adjusted to suit the needs of a particular student. For example, those that are sensitive to noise can just take part in a visual experience and those that are initially worried about interaction can just watch on the sidelines. As VR becomes more accessible in education, the number of programs and experiences will continue to grow and there is no doubt that SEN applications will be at the forefront.



SEN School Workshops


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