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We’ve been delivering workshops in primary schools since 2017 and we’ve seen first-hand the impact that VR can have on learning. Giving children the opportunity to explore far flung places like Antarctica and space from the comfort of their own classroom is now a possibility, thanks to virtual reality. We’ve transported over 100,000 primary school children around the world, back in time and into completely new worlds. Driving engagement, inspiring creative writing and bringing learning to life are just some of the ways that VR can boost outcomes at your school.



Drive Engagement

In order to develop an effective learning environment, children must be excited and curious to find out more about their topic. VR is a great way of driving engagement and inspiring curiosity. Children can explore for themselves, come up with a range of questions and refer back to their experience when delving deeper into a topic. Many of the schools that we visit comment on the awe and wonder created by our workshops and the impact that it has on their topic going forward.


“The workshops were brilliantly delivered. The children were engaged, and super excited – a brilliant way to end a topic or as a platform to start one.”


Ms Taylor, Northaw CofE Primary School


Inspire Creative Writing

Motivating children to write can be difficult at times. Some children say they lack the imagination or they feel anxious and overwhelmed. Professional authors often explain the importance of allowing young writers to open their imaginations and allow them to write freely. Sometimes, all it takes is a little push to unlock this imagination. Virtual reality is a great way of transporting children to another world, where they can escape from their ‘everyday life’ and feel like they are someone else.


“The experience really inspired the children and they have produced some fantastic writing as a result.”


Miss Barker, St Andrew’s Primary School


Bring Learning to Life

For many topics, children find it difficult to understand a concept or relate to an experience. How often are children able to step foot inside the mighty Colosseum and imagine the 50,000 spectators cheering on the gladiators? Or go scuba diving underwater with whale sharks and green sea turtles? Although real life experiences can’t be beaten, virtual reality does provide the next best and closest alternative.


“The pupils absolutely loved it and said how amazing it was to see their learning come to life. We will definitely be rebooking!”


Ms Hooper, Hodge Hill Primary School


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