Stone Age

Believed to have been constructed between 3000 BC and 2200 BC, Stonehenge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most famous monument discovered from the Stone Age. The purpose of Stonehenge still remains a mystery to this day; was it an astronomical observatory, a burial site or a destination for religious pilgrimage? PrimeVR will take your students back in time to explore the development of Stonehenge over thousands of years.


This workshop is brought to you in partnership with LithodomosVR, an organisation dedicated to bringing the ancient world to life. If you would like to book this workshop or find out more information, please submit an enquiry form or request a copy of our digital brochure.

30 Minutes
32 Pupils

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Are you looking to bring your topics to life? Using virtual reality, PrimeVR can inspire imagination and bring the outside world into your classroom. Our passionate team of educators can run a series of different workshops at your school to help bring a topic to life and excite your pupils about their learning. Download a copy of our brochure today to find out more information.


A Virtual Reality Workshop

Our VR days typically include four workshops lasting approximately 45 minutes each.

Build a bespoke day for your school by choosing a different workshop for each class.

Each workshop can include up to 32 pupils (sharing one headset between two)

We require one classroom or space (with access to tables and chairs) as a base for the day.



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