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VR is very popular at the moment but with recent budget cuts schools are reluctant to invest. What options are available for a school wanting to incorporate VR into the curriculum?

Buying your own VR kit requires a considerable investment. On top of this, you’re required to maintain and manage the equipment. This article gives schools a number of alternative ideas for accessing and funding VR.

1.Voluntary contributions

If you are looking to kick start a topic or give pupils a glimpse into VR, an experience day might be the best option. If your pupils are learning about the Romans, a school trip to see the Colosseum is not always feasible. With VR, you can ‘virtually’ transport your pupils to places all over the world.

With PrimeVR, you can book a half (£249) or full (£399) day. Throughout the day, one of our associates will be able to lead workshops with all of your KS2 classes. For a two-form entry school, we can work with up to 240 pupils throughout the day, equating to just over £1.66 per pupil.

As a way of funding your VR experience day, you could think about asking parents/guardians for voluntary contributions. Although you’re not likely to have a 100% response rate, any contributions will help to subsidise the day.

We have created a template permission slip that includes asking parents/guardians for voluntary contributions. You can download this here.

2. Rocket Fund – Crowdfunding for Schools

We proudly support Rocket Fund – a new crowdfunding website dedicated to helping schools fund the latest education technology. Rocket Fund is an innovative new platform and in its 1st wave, over 75% of projects achieved their funding target!

The maximum you can raise through Rocket Fund is £1,500. Yes, this is not enough to purchase your own classroom VR set but there are other options. Firstly, you can raise funds for a VR experience day (the lower the funding target, the more likely you are to achieve it). We recognise this at PrimeVR and that’s why we offer Rocket Fund users 20% discount. You can create your VR experience day project here.

If you’ve already had an experience day and you are looking to access VR on a more regular basis, a VR subscription might be for you. The idea behind our subscriptions is to give schools regular access to VR (one day every half term to coincide with each new topic) and to give teachers ownership over their own lessons. As part of the subscription, schools will be provided with a staff training session, so that teachers can feel confident setting up the equipment and delivering lessons. Schools will also have access to lesson plans and resources that have been created by the PrimeVR team.

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3. Partner with a neighbouring/sister school

Are you affiliated with another school, academy chain or trust? If you’re a one-form entry school and so is your neighbouring school, you could share the full day rate of £399 so that it equates to the same price offered with a two-form entry school at £1.66 per pupil. For example, we could attend one school in the morning and as long as the other school is local, we could attend that in the afternoon.

 4. Hold a VR event at your school

We are always keen to demonstrate the benefits of VR to schools. If you have a strong network of schools in your area and they would be keen to see VR in action, we would be willing to offer a 50% discount on your VR experience day. This would result in you paying as little as 0.83p per pupil.

If you are looking to raise funds to build your own VR kit, have a look at these articles that give you an insight into what to look for and what to avoid.

Looking to purchase your own headsets? Click and read this first!

Not sure what to look for with devices? Click here as a start!

If you have any questions regarding virtual reality in schools or you are interested in finding out what options are out there, please don’t hesitate to contact stuart@primevr.co.uk. Alternatively, please visit our website at www.primevr.co.uk.

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