Boarding Pass & Exit Ticket
for Google Expeditions




These two resources are great for setting the scene and capturing students’ imaginations.

The boarding pass can be used as a starter activity; students fill in their details and teachers explain where they will be going on their expedition. Students can also make note of the keywords they need to be aware of prior to the expedition (also act as a prompt for teachers to explain them throughout the session). For younger age groups, it might be a good idea to check their boarding passes prior to them entering the classroom so that they feel as if they are travelling around the world.

Boarding Pass

Download Boarding Pass

The exit ticket can be used as a plenary and is a great way of checking learning. Students should write down at least one fact or point of interest they have learned during the expedition. On exiting the classroom students are required to hand in their exit ticket (or they could be glued into their books and ticked by the teacher).

Give these a go! They are brilliant for setting the scene and checking student understanding. There is five identical copies on each A4 sheet and so it will only require 6 pages of black and white A4 printing. Alternatively, they could be laminated and then wiped after each session so that they can be reused.

Exit Ticket

Download Exit Ticket

Please feel free to share these resources with your colleagues. Any feedback in the comments section below would also be appreciated.


PrimeVr Team

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