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PrimeVR is the UK’s leading VR workshop company for schools and was founded in 2017 by Stuart Gent, a qualified teacher and passionate EdTech advocate. With the use of immersive technology, PrimeVR is able to bring the outside world into the classroom and transport students through time and space. Imagine visiting the Colosseum whilst learning about the Romans or blasting off into space during a topic on the Solar System. Our team of qualified teachers and passionate educators can deliver a range of workshops within your school to help bring learning to life and create some excitement around your topics.



Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to bring the curriculum to life using immersive technology. The vast majority of students will never have the opportunity to visit Antarctica or step foot inside an Egyptian tomb. Trying to understand and conceptualise a topic that you read about in a textbook can be difficult. Immersive technology such as VR and AR brings a student one step closer to their topic and can help them to understand, relate and engage with their learning. We are not just committed to delivering engaging workshops across the UK. We are also working on multiple projects to help drive immersive technology forward in the education sector. We are currently working on the world’s first AR based storytelling platform for primary schools. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates!



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Are you looking to bring your topics to life? Using virtual reality, PrimeVR can inspire imagination and bring the outside world into your classroom. Our passionate team of educators can run a series of different workshops at your school to help bring a topic to life and excite your pupils about their learning. Request a copy of our brochure today to find out more information.


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