We have implemented a number of measures to help minimise the spread of coronavirus and ensure our workshops are safe for both pupils and staff. The changes we have made are based on guidelines provided by the WHO, the UK government and the Department for Education.

1. Maximum group size of 15

We will only work with a maximum of 15 pupils in each workshop.

2. One headset each during workshops

Pupils will not share headsets.

3. Headsets will be cleaned after every use 

Our VR headsets will be cleaned thoroughly with alcohol-free antibacterial wipes after every use.

4. Social distancing will be maintained during all workshops 

Markers will be provided to encourage children to social distance and 2 meters will be maintained between PrimeVR team members and pupils/staff.

5. Provisional bookings are available with no cancellation fees 

We completely understand that circumstances are unpredictable at the moment and so we are offering schools the opportunity to secure dates without worrying about cancellation fees.


You can read our detailed coronavirus risk assessment here. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!